End of Life Doula 30 Day Course

End of Life Doula 30 Day Course

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No other class exists like this anywhere in the world. 

Our 4 week course that combines powerful tools to support those in the death and dying process will teach you:

  • How to hold sacred space during the transition process
  • How to use powerful Reiki healing energy
  • How to listen purposefully
  • Recognizing stages of the transition process
  • Benefits for people on hospice
  • Compassionate nurturing and listening skills

*This class is available for four affordable $250 payments. Email info@thewellnessgalaxy.com for payment plan.


End of Life Doula “30 day training program” 
Week 1 
- Death Doula training
  • What is a Death Doula - a person that supports another person through a life transition.  Doulas provide non-clinical informational, physical and emotional support.
  • Understanding the process of and commitment to becoming a Death Doula.
  • Learn to set up your private practice and marketing targets.

Week 2
 - Reiki 1 & 2 certification training 

  • Reiki method of Healing for Doulas
  • Reiki method is simple and effective
  • The method is two-fold; for hands-on healing and spiritual growth
  • Reiki’s vibration is Love, Harmony and Healing
  • Learn to work with the emotional and mental levels for healing
  • 3 symbols are taught and used as focus points for intentional healing of the emotional and mental bodies

Week 3 - Understanding Hospice training

  • Gain the knowledge and tools to support your patient's who is transitioning through the end of life stages. 
  • Gain a better understanding of the core hospice services, guidelines, and benefits for end of life patients. 

Week 4 - Death Doula Practicum - Holding sacred space

  • Opportunities to experience hands on practice for end of life patients. 
  • Learn how to register with hospice companies.
  • Set up your practice and understand the business side.