Reiki for Sign Language Level 1 + 2

Reiki for Sign Language Level 1 + 2

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Available starting November 15, 2021

Level 1 

  • Reiki method of Healing for self and others
  • Reiki method is simple and effective
  • The method is two-fold; for hands-on healing and spiritual growth
  • Reiki’s vibration is Love, Harmony and Healing
  • Learning how to become a conduit for Reiki by uniting yourself with Universal Life Force Energy, its consciousness and its rhythm  

Level 2 

  • Learn to work with the emotional and mental levels for healing
  • 3 symbols are taught and used as focus points for intentional healing of the emotional and mental bodies
  • Essence of the 3 symbols are Concentration, Harmony/Love and Distant healing
  • Inner alignment of Physical Body, Emotional- Mental Bodies, Soul and Spirit