Becoming Me

Transformative Health Program


Over the past several years, individuals who are transitioning into alternative lifestyles have been making some major strides forward. Many laws have passed in their favor, allowing same sex marriage as well as benefits like insurance coverage for common law same-sex partners. These hard-won victories are scratching the surface of what still needs to be done to support this community to reach its peak potential and strength.



The negative reality for individuals transitioning is continued discrimination. This is an “external” problem, but we have learned there are even bigger internal problems taking place. Often a person who is transitioning in the LGBTQ community suffers from psychological and mental abuse not only from other people but from themselves. They may have feelings of not fitting in, depression, anger, or thoughts of suicide. The most interesting aspect is the unconscious disconnection from their current Self (identity) mentally, emotionally and spiritually, without fully being grounded and connected to their new Self.




The Wellness Galaxy’s Becoming Me: Transformative Health Program is an answer to this problem. Our program uses Integrative health tools that will anchor (ground) a person who has disconnected from their current identity on a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level without properly grounding themselves to their new identity. Our ten step Anchoring process is simple, powerful, effective and necessary to keep the individual stable on the physical plane while they are disconnecting from their current Self by anchoring them to their new Self.


Our Holistic Integrative Health Tools are Organized According to the Five Senses

Society is changing. According to USA Today, a record 5.6% of US adults in the United States identify as LGBTQ+ individuals (an estimated 18 million individuals). This 12-month mental health program has been designed to support those who are feeling alone, who have thoughts of depression or suicide, and those who have unconsciously disconnected from their current identity on a mental, emotional and spiritual level without fully being grounded and connected to their new identity.