Emotional Release

There are 8 to 10 emotional release counseling processes. The practitioner will work with you to determine the perfect one for your needs. Sometimes we may not know what that is until we are actually in the session. Most of the work that we do is done on an intuitive level. All of the sessions follow the format listed below. I will give a brief description of some of the differences with each session. They all work towards releasing any emotional blocks. After the session there is full clarity with regard to making right action decisions and moving forward in life.

We specialize in Emotional Release counseling sessions.  The sessions are 1 hour long and include 1-on-1 exercises with a trained and certified member to help place focus on getting to the core/blueprint of the blocks to success in any area of your life.  This includes up to 10 exercises to help identify thought patterns that create blocks to success.  

Sessions are broken down into 3 segments:

  1. Breathing and relaxation
  2. Questions and answers
  3. Summary (Individuals can tape the summary section)

    Price: $175 

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