Wellness Wednesdays

A weekly panel discussion with one of our Galaxy All-Star Members.  Each week you will learn a new holistic tool that will help to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy!

The Wellness Tools discussed each week are part of our Safe Healing Program: a sensory catalogue of 40 holistic, healing-arts tools, categorized into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. The catalog contains a total of 120 ten-minute informational training videos which teach individuals how to replenish themselves from their day-to-day depletion to maintain optimal health!

We love building our Galaxy.  Join our virtual meetups every Wednesday at 7pm (EST).

2022 Schedule hosted by our All Star Galaxy Members

May 11: Body Scanning/Digital Bio-feedback; Technology

May 18: Using Virtual Reality To Benefit Our Health

May 25: Healing With Holistic Nutrition

June 1: Biodiversity Rituals For Yourself And The Planet

June 8: Breath And Movement with Sadegra

June 15: Environment, Home Space And Dowsing with Shoadire Home

June 22: The Future Of Wellness: Introduction To Sculpting Your Life Program

June 29: Water: Conduit for Energetic Transformation 

July 6: Reiki Meditation with Stephanie

July 13: The Power Of The Mind Using Self Hypnosis with Yvonne

July 20: Vibrational Sound Meditation with Stephanie

July 27: Visual Guided Imagery Exercises. Life Sculpting Program


ALL of August Meetups are CANCELLED to allow focus on expansion and growth.

We will resume September 7th, 2022.  


Open to everyone

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