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Welcome to our Galaxy…. We are a group of holistic health professionals and wellness experts, who deliver our services through our network of wellness clinics.  Through our workshops, online courses and books, we teach individuals how to safely and confidently use and blend holistic therapies in both their work and personal lives.

Below you will find our different levels of participation. Membership is for Galaxy Stars and Galaxy AllStars. 




This is the Beginner Level for people who are just starting their journey and are curious to learn more about wellness and holistic healing. By entering your email address you will receive our monthly newsletter featuring holistic healing trends and information. Subscribe to our newsletter here.




This is the Intermediate Level.  This person is familiar with the field and interested in working with wellness and holistic healing.  They are practicing their skills before they operate independently and are exploring multiple holistic tools and deciding which one they will specialize in.  They are interested in using the healing tools for themselves, friends and family.  They may see themselves setting up a healing practice in the future.  

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The Advanced Level is for the seasoned holistic practitioner who has a prior certification and who is confident in their practice and are ready to earn an income through the Wellness Galaxy. They're interested in developing the business side of their practice. 

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