Safe Healing Program

Training and Empowering First Responders 


As a result of Covid, First Responders and Caregivers have experienced some of the highest levels of stress during 2020 and into 2021, which has caused a tremendous amount of burn-out in their sector. First Responders and Caregivers are usually the ones providing the service and the health care, but no one is serving them.



How do we stay strong with fortified health while going about our day-to-day activities, all of which can be depleting? Now more than ever before, people must take responsibility for building their immune systems and maintaining good health. No one knows you better than yourself - not even your doctor.


The Safe Healing Wellness Program was created to help train and empower individuals to discover their inner healer. This program is for people who are searching for natural holistic healing methods, gain knowledge, treatment, guidance and training to safely develop a natural wellness program that works for them. 

Through counseling, as well as our workshops, online video courses and books, we teach people to understand and safely blend holistic healing arts therapies with their current wellness and health regimen. We also train health professionals to teach individuals how to safely and confidently use holistic therapies in both their work life and personal lives. 

The Founders of the Safe Healing Wellness Program are healthcare professionals and educators who have spent decades teaching and counseling people about the history and practices of healing arts therapies, blending holistic and conventional health practices.



The Safe Healing Program is a sensory catalogue of videos featuring 40 holistic, healing-arts tools which will teach individuals how to replenish themselves from their day-to-day depletion to maintain optimal health!

Using the five senses, the tools are available at three levels of application, and categorized as BeginnerIntermediate, and Advanced. The catalogue contains a total of 120 ten minute informational training videos. They provide content about natural replenishing activities to incorporate into an individual's daily life. The selections will be chosen based on the individual's natural sensory affinity.

Our Multidimensional Healing Tools for Treating the Body, Mind Spirit and Emotions


We believe that by using our Safe Healing Wellness Videos and Workbook, with the 40 Healing Arts Tools, we can train individuals to confidently take responsibility for their own health and wellness. 

Our goal is to introduce 120,000 First Responders, who are often our most depleted and stressed individuals, to these holistic self-healing tools. We will teach, enroll and empower each person to incorporate the benefits of the tools so that this holistic stress management approach becomes a natural habit. Other benefits of the program besides the Training videos will involve "Phase-2" activities like live weekly 1-hour mini information workshops, books, private counseling sessions as well as other resource materials.