Elevate Your Relationships e-Book

Elevate Your Relationships e-Book

In 1976, I was walking around the halls of John Jay College as a pimply faced freshman, who felt lost because I filled out my college application incorrectly and was selected to go to a school that I had no intention of attending.I had always wanted to be a nurse. I attended a nursing vocational high school and I thought I was filling out the application to a nursing college, but God knew better. One day I bumped into the man I now refer to as, “My King James” (my life partner) and the rest is history. We’ve had a roller coaster ride during those 43 years. I’ve taken the best parts of that journey, the things that have worked and helped us to grow closer together to become better people and I put them into this project.

Elevate Your Relationships, “A New Way To Use Sexual Energy,” is an exciting journey into winning at the relationship game.

Elevate Your Relationships is a four segment 30-day program that will transform your relationship habits forever. Practice and process the information in each segment for one week each and you will transform your life. Learn how every relationship is a classroom and how there is no such thing as a bad relationship. There are only two types of relationships and they are created for two purposes. 



You will also learn practical sexual energy building exercises. These exercises were developed to create the most phenomenal, sacred and divine sexual energy in order to be used to elevate ourselves, our partners and our kingdom. It will be important to use visualization and your imagination to learn:

* The Pacifier

* The Butterfly

* Internal Kisses

* Hands of Light

* The Heart Combination


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