Safe Healing Program

Training and Empowering First Responders

As a result of Covid, First Responders and Caregivers have experienced some of the highest levels of stress during 2020 and into 2021, which has caused a tremendous amount of burn-out in their sector. First Responders and Caregivers are usually the ones providing …

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The Founders of the Safe Healing Wellness Program

The Founders of the Safe Healing Wellness Program are healthcare professionals and educators who have spent decades teaching and counseling people about the history and practices of healing arts therapies, blending holistic and conventional health practices.

The …

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Our Mulltidimensional Healing Tools For Treating The Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions

Using the five senses, the tools are available at three levels of application, and categorized as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The catalogue contains a total of 120 ten minute informational training videos. They provide content about natural replenishing …

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