Shoadire Emily Sheppard

Her Greatest Love is...

To guide people to empower their life in alignment with their soul energy in a balanced way.

She started with a strong belief that healing transforms from within to restore well-being for greater soul alignment. This emboldened perspective guided her to embrace integrating healing techniques for her self-healing/well-being/soul alignment. She expanded and gained significant self-development as she journeyed, transforming her vocation from an educator with an MS ED to an energy healer, energy teacher, and speaker sharing several healing modalities.


Love energy healing session in-person or remote for overall well-being/rejuvenation/emotional nourishment.

Environmental Clearing

Dowsing to declutter, clear, and raise the frequency in your home/business for the wellness of health, wealth, and relationships.

Energy Health

Transformation of your Energy; chakra balancing, help with relationship issues, cranial brain issues, grounding, and more using Esoteric Healing.

Method of the Wheel

Mentorship to look into your life and reveal your purpose as facilitated by your life’s soul light and healing needs.

Shoadire's Bio

It all started with Shoadire becoming a Reiki Master in 1996. Over the years, she has expanded her studies and provided healing energy services to people and their home/business environments. She is certified in several energy healing modalities. Her services will lead you to more inspiration. She offers classes, personal sessions, Lifewave products, and environmental energy transformation for your personal development and your homes/office/business. Services yield individual results that uplift you to your light, higher consciousness, expansion in your energy field, and/or clearer energy in your home/business/office. Being in alignment with your highest self affects better health and well-being for you and the greater goodwill of all


Service used: Dowsing

"In 2018, I poured all of my resources into publishing a book. I quit my job and dove full-time into entrepreneurship. Six months later, I felt that my plans were stalled. I hired Shoadire for Environmental Clearing: Dowsing to clear my living/work space. I saw immediate positive results. I never imagined that the direction of my head when I’m sleeping or where I place my money would make a difference, but it did. The cures and changes helped me to get back on track and accomplish my goals."

-Yvonne Secreto, RN, CEO of The Wellness Galaxy

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