Yvonne Secreto, R.N.
CEO and Intuitive Counselor

Yvonne Secreto, R.N, CEO is a Nurse Entrepreneur, Author, and Founder of Health Awareness Educational Products and Services LLC, the creators of TheWellnessGalaxy.com™. 

TheWellnessGalaxy.com™ is a community of virtual and in-person holistic health professionals and wellness experts who offer intuitive coaching and customized wellness care plans to seekers of natural healing.  

Elevate Your Relationships

This program will transform your relationship habits forever. Learn how every relationship is a classroom and how there is no such thing as a bad relationship. You will also learn practical sexual energy building exercises, experience meditations, get affirmation cards and be given access to my book.

Intuitive Coaching

A 1-hour healing, reading and coaching session to identify and remove blocks to success using AMAZING holistic wellness tools that are categorized to be used on a beginner, intermediate and advanced level of application through the 5 senses.

Life Sculpting

Imagine creating a plan that combines your physical and spiritual goals for ultimate transformation. Using your five senses and our state of the art tools, you will rejuvenate, strengthen lose weight and reverse some signs of aging at a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery. You will look and feel great after participating in this program.

Elevate Your Practice as a Healer

This program helps Healers deepen their work and self-awareness. Participants will learn how to use different modalities to find what resonates with their energy body and the energy of others around them. By recognizing their strengths and weaknesses and that of others, they will be able to develop, heal and hold intentional sacred space for themselves and their clients.

Caregiver Planning

Home Care Case Management is an act of love for both you and your loved one(s). I have simplified the complex maze of home care planning using my experience in the Healthcare field. I can help you set up and organize a customized wellness plan(s) that complements traditional home care services to help bring ease to your role as a caregiver.

End of Life/Death Doula Training 

This four week training provides a look at what an end of life doula does to support those in the dying process and death. We will teach how to recognize the stages of death, how to hold space during transition, tools to help support the process, and much more. This course is asynchronous and is ideal for those interesting in learning about the spectrum of doula work.

Yvonne's Bio

Yvonne has a solid combination of Health Care education, business training, and life experience. She is a Health Care Administration graduate of CCNY at CUNY and has completed business development certification courses through the Hofstra University Entrepreneur Program and Columbia University's Non-Profit Business Certification Program. Ms. Secreto has decades of experience as a clinical registered nurse to a diverse patient population, with expertise in holistic medicine, psychiatry, home-care, trauma care, and hospice. She is a member of the Holistic Nurses Association and The International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

She newly launched a Lifestyle Improvement Program that recharges the body’s cells using “wearable light” called Phototherapy Patches. Our body cells are like batteries, the outside charge is positive (+), and the inside is negative (- ). The patches, along with other state-of-the-art holistic tools, help individuals to recharge body cells and lose weight simultaneously.

Yvonne is passionate about HomeCare Case Management, which shows in her dedication to simplifying the complex maze of home care planning by using customized wellness care plans that complement traditional home care services. Her skills and empathy as a Hospice nurse birthed a training program for Death Doulas. Her work in this field has made support available to those transitioning and to their loved ones. 

She is the author of, Elevate Your Relationships, "A new and creative way to use Sexual Energy," a 30-day relationship transformation book and course for individuals and couples. Broken down into four segments with weekly guided imagery meditation tapes, her company guarantees relationship satisfaction.

As a Certified Reiki Master, she has trained hundreds of Reiki Masters. In addition, she is a trusted Intuitive Counselor who offers Age Regression, Inner Child Work, Chakra balancing, and Past Life Regression sessions.

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